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“Things” That Matter





I think I am leaning towards a minimalistic lifestyle. That is living with less things. It just feels good to be free of things that are mostly clutter in my home. For example, my office is decorated in the pretty shabby chic style. I can now sit there and enjoy my pale green walls and pink rose accents as I work. My eyes no longer jump from cluttered pile to cluttered pile. Instead, my mind can focus on the work at hand. It’s like a breath of fresh air to me.

I am now faced with these questions, what things really matter? What am I willing to give real estate to? What am I willing to dust, clean, and house on a weekly basis? When I ask myself those questions It helps me declutter easier, especially when I have trouble getting rid of stuff. How about you? Do you struggle with throwing things out?

My New Years Resolution is to first declutter, then second organize my whole house for 2015! So far I have decluttered my office, storage closet, and linen closet. I’m still going strong. The one benefit that caught me by surprise was how decluttered my mind felt! I suppose all that “stuff” was giving me more stress than I realized. This realization has given me the motivation to keep on task. It is getting easier with each room.

What about you? I would love to hear from you!


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