Lights, Camera, Action!



It is interesting how God prepares you for what’s to come. Some times in a way you would of never imagined. For example, I had been thinking about creating a movie for our church. It had been on my mind for about a year. I never acted but I wanted to try. I mentioned it a few times to my husband but nothing was planned. Meanwhile, our friend Garry R. Kennedy, producer of Christian Gifted came to mind. We had made plans for Garry to interview me on his show about my new book Heaven is Near.

Book Cover

What followed was emails, planning, video shoots, interviews, and ACTING! Just what the Lord had been preparing me for. Though I found out I am no actor by any stretch of the imagination. The point is God prepared my heart, and He will prepare you for what’s to come as well.

Christian Gifted will be aired on our local stations as follows.

Monday- March 2, at 7:30pm (Comcast channel 93)

Thurs.- March 5, at 7:30pm (Comcast channel 93)

and for those of you that have AT & T, channel 99-CMAC

Thanks again to Garry R. Kennedy and the other Gary 🙂 for your creative talents.


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There Are No “Shades” Of Christianity



My brother-in-law Adam is known for saying, “It’s all about relationships!” He says that in the context of a business owner (Adam’s Car Wash Service) in networking with people. Yet it can also be said and applied to God’s word. From Genesis to Revelation, it is all about relationships; relationships of husbands and wives, families, nations, and God to his people.

Unlike the soft porn movie, 50 Shades of Grey, relationships should be honored and respected, does anything else matter? On your death bed are you going to want to be surrounded by all the things you purchased? Or will it be the people you love and cherish.

The ultimate relationship is our personal connection with God. Though the world thinks He is all about rules and shall not’s, we know he is about grace and drawing us back to Him. Which is precisely why Jesus came to earth, to restore our relationship back to the Father. There are no “shades” of Christianity. You are either in or out. This is one relationship you want to get right, why? Because your eternity is in the balance.



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Heart Matters


Worth reblogging!

Karen L. Tarango


As I started my day, everything and everyone frustrated me. It was going to be one of those days.

That morning I prayed and asked the Lord what time should I post my blog? He said 10 am. That was an hour later than I normally post. I knew one hour could make a big difference in readers. Despite what I thought, I obeyed the Lord.

Events throughout the day kept me in a constant state of frustration. I continued to pray and ask for direction and obeyed the Lord. Later I was able to talk to my husband who was so busy at work he did not answer my phone calls or texts; which led to more frustration! We had a short conversation and I gave him attitude which of course came out of what I was feeling. What a day! Meanwhile, no one was reading my blog and I…

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