Are you afraid of the spiritual realm? Do you know what to do when you feel an evil presence around you? F.A.D.E. will teach you how to recognize a demonic attack and how to win that battle in Jesus’s name. The call is to build up an army of mighty warriors!

Learn how to fight demonic entities that show up in every believer’s daily life. F.A.D.E. will give you a scriptural foundation and teach you how to recognize, acknowledge and act against the demonic forces that are all around us.

F.A.D.E. will also teach readers to be ready for battle in a proactive way. This book began as a daily journal, a journey of what slowly was being revealed to Karen Tarango as she grew stronger in Christ. The Lord spoke to her and wanted her to take her experiences and share them with those who may be battling what she has gone through.

At the end of each chapter are questions designed to help you comprehend what you just read and to reflect on how you can apply what you learned in your own life. As a result, this book can also be used for a Bible study class.

• Realize the power of Jesus’s name
• Build a strong foundation in prayer to have successful battles
• Use your spiritual gifts as weapons against the enemy’s schemes
• Learn how to bind up and cast out demons
• Become more aware of the unseen world around you
• Stand against the evil with the power and authority Jesus gave us


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