This morning I must admit I was not in the writing mood. I was so warm and cozy in bed reading with my cup of coffee in hand. Then reality hit me, my blog! I forgot to get it ready last night, so now I frantically was trying to put one together. It is a great analogy of many people today and their faith. (ouch)

It’s true though. When people are in the good times, prosperous and healthy nothing else matters, not even their faith. However, when in need and frantic they desperately try to dig up their faith or call on God, “do something!”

The truth is Jesus did do something. When hanging on the cross he said, “It is finished!” He meant it, as a result we can stand on his Word to help us in our lives. But here lies the problem, many people of faith don’t know his Word very well. They don’t take the time to crack open their bible and learn what God has promised them. They stand on sinking sand instead of the Rock. Their faith is weak and so they do not know how to hold up their shield of faith.

Let me tell you, it is an awesome thing to stand on God’s word while in the storms of life, and not be moved by your circumstance. There is the peace that Jesus gave us, the peace that passes all understanding. So I say to you now, put some time into reading God’s word and build up your faith. Because you want to be able to stand on the Rock when the storm hits.


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