Why I Have Meetings With My Husband




I don’t know what it’s like at your house, but here we have a lot happening on a daily basis. There are different aspects of our lives colliding with each other. To keep our peace and to be in agreement with one another, my husband and I have weekly meetings. That may sound odd but it truly is a godsend.

We simply write out a list of things we need to discuss. Get rid of all distractions and then go through each item one by one. We talk about the facts and our concerns then come to a decision together, though my husband has the final word. We started having meetings a while back when the Lord called us to start a church. The responsibility was huge! We knew nothing about planting a church. So as we grew in knowledge and information so did our need to meet and discuss these things on a regular basis.


I want to give you three reasons or benefits to meeting with your husband or wife on a regular basis.

1. You and your spouse are in agreement with each other; this is important. The Bible says, “…a household divided against itself will not stand.” mt. 12:25

2. You are both taking responsibility for the issues in your lives. Too many people play the “blame” game, and never mature enough to become responsible adults.

3. You and your spouse have a game plan! That in itself takes off the burdens of worry you may be carrying. It puts you in control of a situation instead of the other way around. Everyone needs a plan!

Our list is short for our meeting. Something’s require more in-depth planning than others. The important thing here is that as husband and wife you tackle your issues together. Keep your emotions in check and be patient with one another, then you will be fine. This simple meeting with your spouse will help develop your marriage into a healthy, productive relationship.


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  1. I so agree with this blog!! Manuel & I sit down once a week to discuss everything, regarding our work schedule, the bills, our children, etc. It’s important to communicate with your spouse!!

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  2. Now depending on what is it, Manuel & I also sit the kids down & have discussions with them as well, since they are old enough because after all, some stuff affects them too. For example, when we had to move in with Trine, that affected them too. They also bring home weekly progress reports for their grades & if they are not in satisfy standards, then we discuss a plan for them to achieve a higher grade. We want to show our children how communication is the key because after all children learned from their parents.


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