“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21

The country is hurting.

The common thread running through is confusion, and fear.

As a Christian I know too well this is fertile ground for the devil to do his work. He thrives in fed up, broken people. He incites them to lose control and do his bidding. Even the strongest of us can fall for his deception. That’s what I see in the looters, setting businesses on fire, destroying things, and hurting people.

So what can people do, how can things change?

Trust God and trust the system. It may not be perfect, but we know the One who is perfect, God. God is a God of justice. And he will bring justice where it is needed. So let us continue in prayer and pray to the God of Justice that his will be done in Ferguson.


with pen in hand

author of FADE and Heaven is Near. www.bethelightministries.net


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