Unconditional Love-What Does That Look Like?



You know those wedding vows, “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health…” Well I am living it out now. It’s been twelve days since I twisted my left knee. I was standing in the back of my husbands truck bed as he was putting on a window decal. When we were done, I was going to get down by sitting down on the tail gate and gracefully hop off. Instead I made the bad choice to jump right off, like a ninja.

The pain was so bad I almost passed out. Since then my mode of transportation has been hopping on my good leg, crutches, and a wheel chair. My normal routine has come to complete stop. And that’s where my husband comes in and his unconditional love.

After working eight hours all day, he comes home and makes dinner, cleans, pays bills, does laundry, and whatever else needs to be done. He helps me get into the shower, dress, etc. “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health..”

Yesterday I made him dinner. It wasn’t easy, but I got it done! My victory and on my way to complete healing!

Those wedding vows speak volumes when they become a reality. Marriage is not to be taken lightly. It takes work, sacrifice, and unconditional love.



“with pen in hand”

Author or FADE and Heaven is Near. www.bethelightministries.net


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  1. Hi, Karen!
    Since Manuel & I have been married, it’s been me who makes sure the bills are paid, the house is cleaned (I like the cleaning a certain way lol), dinner is made, (Manuel does the clean up though, after dinner), the kids help me with the laundry & all the above I’ve done even when I worked. Well, the last 6 months, Manuel has stepped up & really helped more because my Psoriasis is getting worse since I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis. It hurts just to walk a little bit & I found out I scratch in my sleep. Some nights, I lay in bed crying because I’m in so much pain, but Manuel has helped me so much after he has to work. The kids help too, but they know school comes first. So, one night I couldn’t get out of the shower without help, well Manuel came in & I told him he don’t have to help me & his respond was “when we got married, I said in sickness & in health,” & I had tears in my eyes because in the 14 years we’ve been married, this side I never saw in him.


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