Left Behind Movie, Wow!




This weekend I went and saw the movie Left Behind, staring Nicolas Cage. It was really good! I recommend it to everyone.

The movie tells the story of the rapture. Which is what believers call the event when God takes all those who follow Jesus to heaven, in a blink of an eye. The special effects of this moment are captured in a way that shocks you! The only thing left behind is their clothes, an earthly thing.

After watching it, I realized there are only two ways to really view this movie.

1. Through the eyes of a believer.

2. Through the eyes of an unbeliever.

As a follower in Jesus Christ, the rapture is an event we look forward too. But for those “left behind”, it is only the beginning of terrible, evil, days on earth. The theme of the movie is summed up in a question; Are you ready?

It is a question we should all answer. So, are you ready?

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“with pen in hand”

Author of FADE and Heaven is Near. Website www.bethelightministries.net



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