Why I Study the Bible with My Husband



Despite our very busy lives of working, preaching and writing, we have one standing appointment we keep together; studying the Bible.

The benefits are many and deep. On the surface we get to spend time together as husband and wife. But on a deeper level we get to invite Jesus into this intimate time together. The Lord unites our spirits and minds and gives new meaning to “they become one flesh” (gen. 2:24).

We strengthen our faith together and so grow together. When one doesn’t understand the other helps in the understanding. It deepens our relationship and tightens our bonds on a spiritual level.

What a treasured time and priceless marriage builder!

Don’t get me wrong, we are not perfect, holier than thou people. On the contrary. We make mistakes and get into arguments with each other just like every couple. But the difference is Jesus! He is with us in the middle of our mess. He is with us in our arguments. He is with us in the tears and disappointments. He is with us.

We have been married for 28 years. Some were very rough years, but because of Jesus being with us we made it through those rough spots.

So that is why I study the bible with my husband.



“with pen in hand”

Author of FADE and Heaven is Near. Website www.bethelightministries.net




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