A Moment with God’s Creations




I sit outside in my porch and watch the clouds float by.

They suddenly shift direction above me.

Do they know they have a short lifespan, I wonder. 

Do they look down at us as we look up at them?

Between us birds frantically fly by, it’s dove season you know.

God’s creations are all around us; sharing our world.

The clouds, birds, trees, humans. Yet we seem to be more separate than together.

We create National Parks to visit just to enjoy God’s handiwork.

Yet we can simply step outside into our backyards and enjoy the company of clouds, birds and each other. 

So why don’t we?

Probably the distractions of our world pull our eyes down. Down to our computers, cells phones, and TV.

Looking and searching for entertainment to fill up our time.

I believe we should live with more purpose and to slow down to enjoy quiet moments with God and his creations.

Being fulfilled on a deeper level.

That saying, “stop and smell the roses”, is good advice.

I challenge you to slow down this week and see what you notice.



“with pen in hand”

Author of FADE and Heaven is Near. Website www.bethelightministries.net



About ktarango

Karen L. Tarango is a California native who resides in the heart of the Central Valley. She has been married to Art for twenty-seven years. And together they co-pastor their church Be The light Christian Church. Karen is author of FADE, Fighting Against Demonic Entities. She also teaches and speaks at churches, bible studies, and home groups. Karen uses this blog to express and share what God gives her through her experiences, visions, and dreams.

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