Movie Review!



This movie, When the Game Stands Tall, is a must see movie!

I don’t normally give movie reviews but by far this is worth your time and money. Based on a true story of a high school football team with an incredible winning streak. Well…watch the movie trailer for more.

What touched my heart the most was the unity of the football team. The team was more important than one player being singled out as a star. Though each person was important, they each had their assigned duty and responsibility to the team as a whole.

It is a perfect picture of the church. We are the body of Christ. We each are given gifts and use them to edify the church. We each have unique talents and each as important as the next person.

After you watch this movie I would love to hear your thoughts about it and what touched your heart.


“with pen in hand”

author of FADE and Heaven is Near. Website


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