Give Away, Take Away, and Get Away




What I am talking about here is something we all need to manage well and that is time. Give away your time to those who need it the most. Take way your time from things that are useless. And get away from time stealers.

Let me address each one individually.

1. Give away your time to those who need it the most. Look at the people in your life. To build up your relationships you need to spend time with those people. That includes your spouse if you’re married. Children if you are a parent. God if you are a believer. Give the important people the most time in your life. Break it down in a day so it is easier to manage. For example; My husband and I have coffee together every morning before he goes to work. That little interaction in the morning strengthens our relationship even though it is only a 1/2 hour. But in one work week that is 2 1/2 hours I spend with my husband uninterrupted.

2. Take away your time from things that are useless. There are things in our life that produce no fruit. Things that have no meaning yet we give our precious time to them. An example would be if I talked on the phone and gossiped for hours with a friend. It brought no value to my life and I just wasted precious time. Not to mention the sin of gossiping itself. Once you start looking for things that take up your time in a useless way it will be easier to spot them.

3. Get away from time stealers. One word, Pinterest. I can get on Pinterest with the intention of posting one thing then before I know it several hours have gone by! I am better now believe me. I carefully have to monitor my social media time because I do a lot on social media in promoting my church and my books. But it can really steal my time. For others, certain people my be time stealers. Always trying to talk to you during work hours or cutting in on dinner time with your family. Some people will try to drag you into their drama stealing your time of peace.

Guard your time wisely. It is one thing you don’t get back.


“with pen in hand”

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