The Sign of the Cross


I had finished painting a homemade cross. It was made out of wood and only a few feet tall. I looked at it and decided I wanted a crown of thorns hanging at the top. I went outside and gathered  up some twigs from the ground since I had no thorny bushes around. I also gathered a few supplies like wire, wire cutters, and string. As I began to create this crown of thorns I had become aware of my mood change. A strange quietness came over me. It felt like, I was sharing in the suffering of Jesus. Of course not in the physical but on a spiritual level. It is hard to describe the feelings I was experiencing.


I hung up my cross on the wall which took on a profound meaning for me now. It meant so much more than a symbol of our faith. Or the victory of Calvary over satan and death. It was more than a decoration on my wall or a trinket around my neck.

The cross is to me a symbol and proof of God’s love towards me and all of humanity. Love kept Jesus on the cross not those nails. Love for us. Could I ever show unconditional love to Jesus? Probably not on the level of sacrifice as he demonstrated. But I did give him my life and so have many of you. He is the lover of my soul! The finisher of my faith!

“Jesus replied, Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.” Jn. 14:23 

I may not be able to hang on a cross because Jesus did that for us already. When he said “It is finished” he meant it.  But I can obey him. I would be honored to obey him. What about you?


“with pen in hand”

author of FADE and Heaven in Near. Website



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