Women Are Like Tea Pots



Recently I was at the grocery store. I was bagging my own groceries and there was a lady opposite of me also bagging her groceries. She looked at me and said, “I hate shopping and bagging is a lot of work!” I smiled at her and said, “Then we have to go home put it away, and cook it too!” We laughed and went our own way. If you think about it woman do a lot! We don’t have too, but I believe it is built-in us, to give. We give our time, our talents, our love, our advice, I could go on.

Women are like tea pots. We pour into others all the time. We pour into the lives of our families, friends, coworkers and sometime strangers. But what happens when our tea-pot is empty? When we have no more to give? It’s a dangerous place to be. We can snap!

Seriously, we need to be refreshed and renewed. We need to have our tea-pot filled back up. How do you do that? Some take vacations, others go to the beach, others do nothing at all. I personally spend the day with the Lord. Only he can fill me up properly. I don’t do any work but pray and read my bible. Sometimes I watch a faith movie or a preacher on TV. That’s me.

You may fill up differently. The point is we all need to be refreshed and renewed so we can continue to pour into others; to be a blessing.


“with pen in hand”

Author of FADE and Heaven Is Near. Website, www.bethelightministries.net


About ktarango

Karen L. Tarango is a California native who resides in the heart of the Central Valley. She has been married to Art for twenty-seven years. And together they co-pastor their church Be The light Christian Church. Karen is author of FADE, Fighting Against Demonic Entities. She also teaches and speaks at churches, bible studies, and home groups. Karen uses this blog to express and share what God gives her through her experiences, visions, and dreams.

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