What Its Like To Be A Pastor




What its like to be a pastor? For me personally it is a blessing, though not always. I say not always because some people hate pastors. They think all we want is their money. What we want is to win their soul.  “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” Mk. 8:36

When the Lord called us to preach the gospel it freaked us out! He calmed my fears by saying, “Present the water I will do the rest.” So that’s what we do. It’s that simple and that hard. Yet I would not change a thing. Sure I have no more privacy, with the church meeting in our home. Yes, people hold us to a higher standard. Yes we get asked the really, really, hard questions. But Jesus died for me. How can I not do what he asked me to do?

What’s it like to be a pastor? I have the honor of watching lives changed. The honor of praying with people and holding them up in prayer. The honor of God entrusting me to preach his word. And the honor of suffering for him when it happens.


My husband works hard all day. I mean hard, in the heat. He is a mechanic / inspector at U-Haul.  Then he also preaches on Sundays, and leads men’s bible study on Tues. On top of all that. He must stay close to Jesus. Study the word, get his sermon, minister to people when needed and get some rest. He works hard.

I am not tooting our horns here, but this is what its like for us to be pastors. The back story is we give it all! We don’t give 10% we give 100%. We give up our home, our privacy, our food, the clothes off our back. We have even given our vehicle away because the Lord asked us too. BUT…we ask the Lord for a lot too.

He has honored every request we asked for. Even our huge TV hanging on the wall BEFORE football season started! I asked for that, I don’t mess around 🙂 So there you go, what’s it’s like to be a pastor. One more thing, I know all pastors want from their congregations, that is prayer.

Please pray for us. Because doing this work brings on a whole other level of spiritual warfare. The devil attacks our marriages, finances, churches, families, everything. He doesn’t want the word preached. So pray for your pastors. “Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching.” 1 Tim. 5:17


“with pen in hand”




About ktarango

Karen L. Tarango is a California native who resides in the heart of the Central Valley. She has been married to Art for twenty-seven years. And together they co-pastor their church Be The light Christian Church. Karen is author of FADE, Fighting Against Demonic Entities. She also teaches and speaks at churches, bible studies, and home groups. Karen uses this blog to express and share what God gives her through her experiences, visions, and dreams.

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